Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latest News....and stuff...

What a crazy week and an even crazier month this has been! So instead of moving to my favorite Tampa neighborhood, Seminole Heights, we are moving to Texas! What!!?? Hubby and I are ready for a change and although we had a great time in San Antonio when we visited last month, we think we are going to try Austin instead. I think Austin speaks more to my creative side...artists & musicians & festivals galore! I hope and think that I will find lots of inspiration while I am there.

With all of that being said, the site (i know you must be tired of hearing this by now) will be live in August...mainly because we are going to New Orleans for a few days, then to Costa Rica for a month and will not be back until almost the end of July...don't hate me while I visit volcanoes and hot springs and surf and frolic on the beach. I'll still be working (hardly). I am going to finish photographing everything before we even get to TX so that way I can spend time while on the road and out of the country editing and finishing up the web content.

I will boldly boast that the site will be live August 3, 2009! That is a promise.

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