Monday, May 4, 2009

Furs...To Wear or Not to Wear?

While awaiting the opening of my boutique, I thought I'd talk about something I have been a bit conflicted with. Furs! I love them! Not new ones, only vintage. Some say, "But it's the same thing! Animals have still been tortured, beaten, etc.!" I know it's heartbreaking and I deplore its practices, but every time a vintage fur is bought and worn, aren't less new furs being purchased and therefore cutting down on how many new animals are being killed in the name of fashion? I do NOT support the industry and I respect the opinion that vintage furs are as bad as new ones, but for those that wear furs, I always encourage to buy vintage to help reduce the growing number of slaughtered animals.

Spread the word....Wear Vintage Fur and wear it with pride! (and it's cheaper than buying a brand new one) You are recycling and paying tribute to styles of the past. It is your perogative whether or not you choose to wear furs, but don't judge those that do because, after all, it is a choice.

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